Are GPS Legal in car

Le bon emplacement pour installer son GPS dans une voiture

On the windshield

There are four main ways to install your GPS, we will detail them for you to judge the pros and cons of each.

The windshield

The first solution is the one used by most GPS owners, he is laying on the windshield.


You can ask your GPS on the windshield right on your driving position that allows you to see without eyes off the road, it is the classic position recommended by the manufacturers.


The downside and you hide a part of the road ahead and your attention is likely to be absorbed by your new tool.

Left, advantages and disadvantages

The position on the windshield on the left is a more original solution, and the advantage is that your view of the road is not disturbed but also careful not to leave too many eyes on the road to consult.

In addition, place your left is relatively small.

On the dashboard

The dashboard

You also have the option of placing your GPS on the dashboard of your car, you simply attach the suction mount on the border between the windshield and the dashboard but the latter, it is the best position.

Your GPS is in sight, it will not hide part of the windshield attachment theory and should be carefully considered.

The vents

Finally, you can also set the camera on the ventilation grills of your car, but beware this means that you will lose the effectiveness of these vents.

To conclude

Once your GPS installed and the installation is complete, you will control your GPS as an expert.

Be sure to read the GPS and use videos that can be provided.

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2007-11-05 08:31:34 by nullsville

Question on 'legal investigation'

Saw your statement "Most gps units are installed by a PI doing a legal investigation and is not stalking."
Your saying that the general public has the right to place a device on someone's car and it is considered legal?
Per the word 'legal investigation' in the post. I would not think it legal for anyone that does not have title or claim to the vehicle (Ex-spouse means legally separate to me) is not justified simply by paying a PRIVATE investigator to place a device on someone else's private car. Unless there were an underlying criminal issue (threats,etc.) I don't see how this could be called legal

2009-08-25 16:51:05 by officialflagger

You were/are a fool to think othewise

Of course they have the legal right to know where their employees are in the company car. Sheesh - what planet did you drop in from?
Even rental cars have GPS now to be sure you aren't going into Mexico or somewhere else that is not acceptable by the rental car company.
Since now you more messin around in the company car.

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